Strategy Lighthouse™ is a cloud technology solution that takes strategy off the shelf and operationalizes it in a way that alignment, performance and results are evident. 

Key Features

  • Provides virtual access for global strategy team members
  • Structures strategy around objectives, SMART goals, strategic drivers, metrics and action plans
  • Aggregates and measures strategic performance across units
  • Calculates a Strategy Performance Index Score©
  • Provides dashboards for ease of updates and reporting
  • Calculates priorities
  • Allows for customized Critical Success Factors
  • Provides real-time scorecards, reports and snapshots
  • Integrates key milestones and events with in-house calendars
  • Retains initiatives and action plans across multiple years
  • Saves time during annual planning with carryover features
  • Configured to reflect your organization’s terminology
  • Mobile friendly
Pre-defined scorecards and reports are the cornerstone of Strategy Lighthouse.

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