Our Mission

Today, we proudly serve clients across most industries including manufacturing, professional services, technology, healthcare, universities, logistics, and financial services. Our unique integration of strategy and technology combines strategic focus with efficient implementation. We help clients understand not only the, “what,” “why,” but also the “how,” so that changes are measurable, sustainable and woven into the organizational fabric long after our engagement is finished. Our mission is achieved by offering the integrated DEI services of Cockerham & Associates, LLC consulting and Stratus TMS, Inc. for DEI software applications.

Our History

Formed in 2005

We formed Cockerham & Associates in 2005 to offer strategy consulting services to help transform how Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is approached and how it drives sustainable results for its clients. Our founder and CEO, Haven Cockerham, spent nearly 30 years in Fortune 500 companies in operations and Chief Human Resource Officer roles.
Throughout his time in these roles, Haven found that DEI lacked sufficient financial support, leaders were experiencing burnout, and there was little focus on driving business objectives, making DEI nearly a social-only agenda.
To close those gaps and to advance DEI in our society, we made it our mission to bring sound process, exceptional talent and technology to DEI as with any other aspect of business.

First DEI Technology Platform

In 2011, we teamed up with our President, Audra Miller, who developed our first technology platform, ERG Insight. Integrating the use of software technology, we started helping organizations manage their ERGs with a more effective structure.

Seeing our strategy consulting clients’ growing need for accountability, measuring results, alignment across the organization, transparency, and enhanced reporting, our technology team started developing our newest software, Strategy Lighthouse. Launched in 2017, the application integrates with ERG Insight™ to provide a comprehensive DEI technology platform.

In 2017 we formed Stratus TMS, Inc as a wholly owned subsidiary as the DEI software development entity of Cockerham & Associates, LLC.