ERG Startup

Our customized ERG Toolkit outlines the operating standards for the establishment and ongoing management of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). As ERGs grow and involve more employees, this toolkit becomes an essential resource to ensure that they are operating effectively and meeting their objectives. The toolkit covers all aspects of ERG management, including best practices, guidelines, and resources to support the success of these important employee-led groups.


                                                       Annual Operating Plans

The development and measurement of annual plans are key to sustaining ERGs and ensuring their alignment to organization priorities. Initiatives, metrics, action plans and owners are defined.


Leadership Training

To ensure the long-term success of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), it is important to provide training and support to their leaders and executive sponsors. This helps to position the ERGs for success and ensures that they have the knowledge and skills needed to effectively achieve their goals. To support this, our team provides periodic training updates to new ERG leaders to help them stay up to date and continue to develop their leadership skills.





Technology Support

ERG Insight™ was developed to support the administrative activities associated with running ERGs. This ERG Software enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of running and managing ERGs.