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We can help you make DEI a business process just like all other parts of your organization, with clear definitions of success. Our proven DEI strategy process is shaped by our DEI expertise and HR experience at Fortune 500 companies, and our approach embeds culture change into your organizational strategy roadmap, complete with long- and short-term objectives.

"I engaged Cockerham & Associates on two separate occasions to create a DEI strategy and infrastructure to support it. The approaches needed to be as unique as the individual cultures. The Cockerham team did not try to propose a cookie cutter solution, rather they used their subject matter expertise and consultative skills to establish credibility and gain engagement across the organization. Most importantly, they deliver. I would not hesitate to choose the Cockerham team again in the future!"
Mary Ellen Schopp
Former Chief HR Officer, Healthcare
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Years of Experience


Employee groups and diverse teams are essential for long-term engagement and organization commitment. For nearly 20 years, we have helped organizations across the U.S. establish, roll out and manage their ERGs, BRGs, and diversity councils. Let’s get yours get off the ground.


With our C-suite, governance and DEI experience at Fortune 500 companies, we develop solutions driven by unique perspectives, unmatched by our competitors. An executive advisory call or visit can help you figure out the best first or next steps for your organization to achieve your business objectives.


It is critical for leadership teams to exhibit competence in their DEI dialogues. We can equip your leaders with the fundamental knowledge of concepts, trends and more. If your organization is ready to build accountability and strategic leadership for DEI, we can help you level up with our DEI training.


We integrate our DEI strategy software, Strategy Lighthouse™, in ongoing support for many consulting clients to track, monitor and score their strategy in real time. We offer you a glimpse of the platform’s usefulness without having to commit so you can transition to a subscription if or when you choose.