Managing employee resource groups (ERGs) can be hard. That’s why Cockerham & Associates has built technology tools that address the most common ERG management challenges.
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Want to improve your employee resource group management? Let’s talk technology.

If you’re new to this space, Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) are a vital element of a diversity and inclusion strategy. In fact, 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies now have a platform for ERGs. 

These groups can increase employee engagement, innovation and diversity, and inclusion within an organization. Managing, monitoring, and reporting the impact of ERGs, however, can be complex. That’s why Cockerham & Associates is here to help make employee resource group management easier and ensure that your organization is getting all the benefits ERGs offer.

We provide a variety of consulting services that are designed to enhance ERGs. Through employee resource group development and implementation guides, Cockerham & Associates works with clients to create customized programs for the development and management of employee resource groups and councils. We also offer leadership training and support for ERG and council leaders so that your ERGs are effective and sustainable.

Aside from consulting, Cockerham & Associates has the digital resources to help with your employee resource group management.

Technology solutions for employee resource group management

Cockerham & Associates developed a technology platform, Stratus TMS, to provide affordable human capital management and employee resource group management tools. Stratus TMS includes two applications: ERG Insight™ and Strategy Lighthouse™.

These applications enable our clients to develop, implement and monitor strategic performance efficiently with system-generated scorecards. They also tackle some of the major employee resource group management challenges, including:

  • No efficient method to collect data
  • No alignment to organizational goals 
  • Inefficient ERG management of events and membership
  • No method to measure and report on ERG impact

ERG Insight

ERG Insight™ is a cloud-based platform to comprehensively manage employee resource groups and councils. In addition to its user-friendly dashboard for updating initiatives, action plans and metrics, the application provides a flexible reporting capability with over a dozen standard reports. 

The key features of ERG Insight™ can be broken down into four main categories: operational efficiency, event management, member management and reporting scorecards and reports. Below are some of the notable features for each category.

Operational Efficiency

  • One-stop application for ERG objectives, initiatives, metrics, events, notifications and more
  • All employee landing page with a calendar of events
  • Electronic sharing and downloading of best practices across groups, regions and countries

Event Management

  • Online event registration
  • Electronic mass mailing to event registrants
  • Event repository for photos and speaker profiles

Member Management

  • Upload current membership from spreadsheets
  • Download membership to Excel, Word or PDF files
  • Membership access to chapter page


  • Flexible, on-demand scorecards, snapshots and reports
  • Filtering by location, group type, affinity, business unit, etc.
  • Performance summary reports and event evaluation reports

Cockerham & Associates makes the transition to ERG Insight™ as seamless as possible by aiding clients with the setup and by providing training for administrators and ERG leaders. We also work with the client’s IT Department to implement any required system configurations such as single sign-on and security requirements.

Strategy Lighthouse™

With our proprietary software, Strategy Lighthouse™, we are able to help clients manage the implementations of their strategy and monitor strategic performance. We utilize scorecards, reports and a performance index to depict implementation effectiveness.

We want our clients to know how well they are performing on the strategy that they put in place. With a powerful tool like Strategy Lighthouse™, all of this and more is possible.

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